a slow process #2

So today i made the decision that im going to turn vegan, however i will bring this in slowly. 

As mentioned in my previous blog i have been vegetarian for almost 2 years when i come to think of it, however something about it feels a bit fake in a way. 

For example. The animals i once ate and consumed, were now the animals i got the milk or eggs from however still most likely were slaughtered. I dont know, does that make sense? But that idea kinda tainted the vegetarian idea as a bit soft and kind of backstabbing vegans.

So with this in mind i have today made it my choice to never invest in anything again that is no longer vegan. 

Anyways as this blog is gonna kind of be a diary, what have i done today on this monday?

Well this morning, I had to run up to the school amber goes to and drop off her glasses as she left them at mine last night. Silly girl. But its okay meant i had a nice brisk walk on a fine morning. 

After that, well it was already 9 so had to continue my journey up to uni and got there nicely early for my 11 oclock class. 

My uni is a strange one, im techncally doing a foundation degree. However I have applied and been offered a place to do the full degree so its basically uni to me. Anyway slight segway there, its a strange one because there’s long 2 hour gaps after the first classes and its always a drag of finding something to do. However my friends Bert and Chris were there and we had a nice couple of hours chating and just passing the time quickly. 

Chris is really cool, we are pretty like-minded so get on well and so is Bert when i think of it. Just nice guys really. Neither unfortunately are going on to do the degree course so i hope we stay in touch when the course ends in around 7 weeks.

Yes so, during lunch (consider i had made the conscious decision to buy vegan products from now on) i ate a mexican style vegan rice mix that i bought from home to save money and all of that. So today was a good start on the whole veganised phase. 

I now find myself on the train home and am heading to ambers. Yeah it is going to be quite a regular theme that i see her almost every day, and when we don’t we end up missing eachother a tonne anyway. It’s weird i dont know anyone like us. And she never gets boring, lemme just say that. I’m not sure what we will do tonight but i am sure we will have a good time still.

I’m not sure what i am planning for tomorrow, i am supposed to be seeing my sisters boyfriend (oh yeah i have a sister who is 21 called Josie), his name is Arron and he is into music too and wants me to play guitar in his band for an end of term performance at the uni he goes too. So i am quite interested to get involvd with, i have never played a gig before so this will be good experience. However i havent heard from him so i may swing him a message to make it happen.  

Anyway, thats been my day and my big decision I suppose. I do understand that it’ll be a long process and i am not fussed about that. I’ll be happy with the decision. 


Ps. Amber sent me this list of vegan products that you wouldnt expect to be vegan. So i am stocking up on skittles and starburst for the rest of my life! 


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