beginning something different #1

I don’t really know how this kinda thing works but i figured i could start a kind of blog thats a diary thing at the same time. I wanted to kind of introduce myself to you and whoever will read this. 

This is me! Sorry, felt might help getting more of a feel of who i am. (I am a boy btw! I get that question a lot which is fucking stupid because hair is pretty stupid anyway)

My names Alex (won’t say my surname cos this blog might be bad if people found it eventually, i dont know you may understand. who knows) and I’m 19 from London and I like to think im cool kind of. 

I am a self proclaimed music producer, and studying that subject at uni in West London. It’s cool and basically music is essentially everything. It takes 2 hours each way to get there but least i get Tuesdays off thats pretty sweet. 

I like football (kinda) like my whole youth was football based and it was only about a year and a half ago i decided i wanted to be involved with music for my life. I play on saturdays and also work as a football coach for like toddlers, but it pays good so i cant be too downhearted. 

I have a girlfriend (of about 2 and half years), that i love with all my heart. She’s just outstanding. Her names Amber and i don’t wanna sound soppy but she is my best friend, I don’t have many friends due to moving schools before sixth form and whatever, but she’s all i need. I like her friends and we all get on really well (in fact we are going on holiday in summer, im sure this blog will like get up to speed with me and what im doing in my life eventually). 

Am I good at anything? I guessed you asked that? Probably not but im going to tell you anyway. I’m good at guitar i guess and being slightly productive, in the way that I produce a lot of things people can view or listen to. So at this stage I am going to link my music and youtube to this, not to plug it but to give you an idea i suppose. I’m sure when i will produce more music I will plug my stuff on this anyway. 

this is an EP that I wrote and produced

this is a playlist of monthly videos i make, because i have a go pro and thought i would try make myself look like I do something every month 
Reason for starting this? Well I don’t really know myself. I want it to become a kind of diary where i can have a release and just like talk because you know, mental health. Mine is relatively good but sometimes can be particularly difficult to deal with. So this is gonna be a release from that. Also i want to have a place I can share good meals I make. Amber and I are vegetarian and recently (after watching this) have felt more inclined about becoming vegan, so i think i may bring it in, slowly. 

I’m not sure whether I will make these daily or whatever, just whenever I feel like it.

So yeah, i dont know if thats a good enough introduction? I dont know. Should be an interesting time though, general election coming up so plenty to talk about. 

Anyway, till next time.

iMe and amber out the other week. I’m not a loser who does peace signs every 2 seconds, i have no clue why i did it here.

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