dad’s got an issue #3 


It’s Tuesday! And i have just been to Arron’s house (my sisters boyfriend who i mentioned yesterday). We just practiced for the gig thats in a few weeks and it was so good! I am happy because i can play all the parts well. 

Anyway, as the title implies, my dads got an issue (as expected) with my whole vegan idea… he said it wasn’t ‘right’ at my ‘age’. What the hell does that even mean. So yeah i am going to go vegan for a few days a week and phase it in slowly. 

I am on the way to meet amber (as i mentioed we are inseperable) but i am late because practice round arron’s over ran. And i have bought lunch! I mean afternoon lunch i guess now as i am really late. 

I have made faux tuna and sweetcorn pasta! 

If you want the recipe it is here. It’s really bloody nice and easy aswell as being super tasty. So get on it. 

I’m not sure what i am doing tomorrow, i feel really motivated to make some music and just get on with it now practicing different skills and stuff. I also realise i desperately need some speakers, so i am now saving for those. 

I have uni at 3 tomorrow, which is an annoying time but its music theory and i am seemingly quite good at it! So i cannot complain. 

Today’s blog is a bit shorter, not much has happened today.  I mean it’s 4 now and i cant really see it being eventful. 

Hang on! Before we go. 

Amber’s mum bought us a really nice quiche yesterday so we had that for dinner with sweet potato fries, carrots and cucumber! Was really nice. 

Anyway, for now my friends. Today is done. I will try tell some stories and make some themes or whatever as I get more into this blogging thing! 

See yaaaa


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