london tubes #5

There are a couple of things that really annoy me and it’s not to do with tfl at all but the people who ride through rail ways beneath our feet. 

First of all. Picture the situation. The doors begin ringing, informing people the doors about to close. Oh look! It’s John again charging through the crowds because he simply MUST get on this jubilee line train heading to stratford. He throws his bag and, knocking over multiple casualties, clambers into the already packed train. But at least he got there right?! Fuck you john. 

I hate people like John, who charge into a packed train not as if there is going to be another train in 2 minutes anyway. For god sakes you dont have entitlement over everyone else you utter twat. 

SECOND of all. Picture this situation now.  You’re about to step off the train at North Greenwich, however Jill, who is about to do her shopping at Stratford, is getting on the train. Jill MUST get on the train first before anyone gets off. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for any other human function to occur without Jill getting into that humid train. Fuck you Jill. 

In this scenario, for god sake just have some manners. Let people off first. Funnily enough when you let people off it means there is more space on the train for everyone and yourself. 

Okay rants over, feel like that had to be said. Bloody hell. 

Anyway, I’m sure you’re asking. How was your day alex? 

Well it was prettt average i suppose. Got into college at 10:30 and spent the day essentially restarting the mixing on my band stuff. I’m doing this because i am simply more knowledgeable about music and the whole process now than I was when i first mixed it. So that’s going to be one of the things I work on in the coming days and weeks. 

So far the journey home has been nice. Im using my journey’s now to write these and just in general kinda keep my mind at ease and not fall into feeling bad. Feel like my mental health has been just unusually good recently.  Especially since i started this. I like to think theres an audience who will in the end see me completely grow as a person into this wonderful thing. However, with and audience or not I will grow. 

Also MY NEW HEADPHONES ARE HERE! I cam finally make journeys again with music. I genuinely almost got used to not having headphones on my journeys but this is so nice. Almost like the last month i have been living in squalor. 

I am going to ambers tonight, where we are having a vegan pasta bolognese thing. I have sucessfully kept up my theme of only buying vegan products and quite frankly i havent bought anything recently because i am trying to save money up. 

Thursdays arey busiests days and to be fair i dont mind that. 

Tomorrow, Amber and I are heading to see a band called Happyness in london. We are going to be meeting our friend Ellise. Okay so! From now on you will have to get used to our code words. 

Ellise is not the girl you think she is. Ellise means ecstasy. And we are going to meet that. Yes the drug. Yeah, thats right I do drugs sometimes in order to enjoy things more! I really like doing it at gigs just feel like the whole musical vibe really is amazing. Dont worry we are safe, drugs in moderation are good bro! 

Anyway that was a bit more of a segway. I am sure i will tell stories of my drug experiences in future. However for now I will save it for another time. 

See you tomorrow!

I dont have any pictures from today worth sharing. So here’s a picture of me and amber at a great gatsby themed party last year. Enjoy

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